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Top Marketing Trends for 2020 You Need To Watch

Marketers all over the world have had a hectic year. While some are still catching up with the fast-paced changes, others are already on the bleeding edge of the latest marketing trends. Thanks to technology, dozens of new marketing trends are introduced every year. Hence, the number of tutorial videos and online courses on such topics also keeps increasing — all in an attempt to predict the marketing trends and prepare marketing professionals for the changes ahead. 

Readers and members of the SmallBusinessFeed community shouldn’t fret about these upcoming trends. You’ll find all the info you need to capitalize on all the major changes in the marketing arena. This article provides an overview of marketing trends to expect in 2020. Remember, it’s not enough to know; you also need to understand these trends and appreciate how they affect your business. Thus, you become capable of using them to your advantage. 

If you want to begin this year with an advantage over the competition, pay attention to the following marketing trends of 2020. 

SEO Structured Data

A recent marketing report from a digital intelligence agency called Jumpshot, about 49% of all Google searches in the first quarter of 2019, led to no clicks. Hence, it’s safe to deduce that about half of these searches will lead to no traffic going forward. Also, there was another significant deduction. There will be a decline in the number of visitors that businesses receive to their websites through SEO and organic efforts. 

If you’ve visited Google recently, you will notice that rich visual search snippets are quite visible in the top search results. Hence, visitors and searchers today can make better decisions concerning search results. You can choose which website links to click and which to ignore right from the top of SERP. 

Also, PATH Interactive conducted a study among individual web users between the ages of 13 and 18. This study revealed that 40% of them get the information they desire from a search right from rich snippets. As such, today’s google result clicks are generated from more informed decisions. Therefore, bounce rates will decrease significantly. Rich Snippets have technical implementations consisting of Structured data and “Schema Markup.” You can expect this markup to emerge as the number one focus of SEO talk in 2020. 

Predictive Marketing

The technological advance of our time has brought with it an abundance of data. Whereas users and brands interact daily across different channels, the way may web users consume content is still very unstructured. However, the better part of consumers relies on this content to make purchase decisions. 

As such, predictive marketing in 2020 seeks to take all these factors into account and use existing partners of positive data to forecast consumer behavior. That’s the buzz of many online platforms since 2019, and this isn’t changing anytime soon. Blogs and podcasts will continue talking about predictive lead scoring and predictive analytics. Thus, you can rest assured that in-depth research and development is still underway to develop the capabilities of this new marketing trend fully. 

marketing trends

And sure the fortune 500s will get the first pick of this technology. However, small businesses can also leverage this new development to the best of their abilities. From the reports of GlobalNewswire, the market size of predictive analytics is anticipated to grow to $10.95 billion in 2020. 

Shoppable Posts

Shoppable are not the latest marketing trends in social media marketing. However, we expect explosive growth in the amount of these blinking dots. As the number of Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest subscribers continue to increase and purchase impulses shift according to stories and feeds, businesses engaged in eCommerce are increasingly awakening to the strong effects of social on their sales figures. 

Instagram disclosed that it has about 1 billion active verified users. Of this number, about 90% of them are actively following business brands. In addition, the bounce rate on business websites will decrease significantly due to interactive ads. Thus, your sales funnels shorten too as your customers enjoy seamless shopping experiences. 

Smarter ad bidding

According to Emarketer, digital ad spending of 2019 recorded $103.7 billion for Google and $67.37 for Facebook. These two leading digital ad platforms are dedicated to providing brands the highest possible returns on their advertising dollars in 2020. Hence, the initiative offers improved options for smarter ad bidding options. 

If you’ve been in a training call with a Facebook or Google ad specialists, you’ll notice smarter ad bidding is the first agenda their specialists preach. Ad bidding has been around the internet for several years now. Thus, these giant platforms desire to bring new ways of better turnover. For instance, at a recent Google Marketing Live event in 2019, the tech giant announced smarter automated bidding for business owners. This new approach deploys machine learning technology to improve ad targeting and performance in a feature called “auction-time bidding.” 

Interactive Email Marketing

Emails will become increasingly engagement-based. Because, to drive consumer behavior and increase conversion of email marketing campaigns, your business will have to prompt subscribers to take action in their own interest. This trend was among the latest marketing trends of 2019. 

Though email marketing isn’t going anywhere in the grand scheme of things, a lot seems to be changing. The way users consume email, its delivery, and design are undergoing major evolutions. You can expect more interactive emails like Google AMP for Gmail and naked emails. 

Increased Voice Search Adoption

voice search

The predictions of voice search adoption made just a very year ago are finally coming to pass. Last year saw a significant increase in voice search adoption. To be specific, 2020 is expected to see about 50% of all online searches being voice-based. 

Thus, smart speakers like Google Home, Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana will increase in usage. These devices will continue to play music and answer users’ questions. However, small and large businesses alike must integrate their marketing efforts into this marketing trend for maximum conversion and profitability. 

Improved Integration & Templated Marketing

Though you can expect to hear new buzzwords in 2020, such as AI-enhanced marketing automation, studies indicate some of the latest marketing trends like this will not deliver on their hype. At least not until they are better matured, which you can expect to happen by the end of 2021. 

Hence, marketing trends like templated MA campaigns and integrations will perform better in 2020. Because data from the 2020 Martech replacement survey, a total of about 32% of marketers seek better and easier integration for new marketing techs. 


As this post indicates, there are major marketing trends that big and small businesses alike can expect in the day ahead in 2020. Some of these trends are not entirely new but will significantly increase both in impact and reach. Other recently developed marketing trends like predictive marketing are sure to grab the attention of many marketers. As such, we recommend paying close attention to this blog to know where this new wave leads the markets. 

The primary takeaway from this post is for marketers to always stay abreast of new developments in their industry. SmallBusinessFeed will not only help with this but also ensure you discover how to make the most of the latest developments that are relevant to the success of your business.


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