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How to Sell Used Books Online for Extra Money

Any book lover has a growing collection of fiction books they’ve already read and probably won’t ever read again. Piles of unwanted novels and memoirs only take up space and gather dust. De-cluttering your home of neglected books is not only a way to organize your living space, but it’s also a creative alternative to making easy cash. eBay is no longer the only venue for selling fiction books online. Now, there are several online marketplaces that make bookselling fast and easy. Here’s our guide:

Powell’s Books. Portland’s most beloved and famous bookstore, Powell’s takes used books with open arms. Even if you’re not near the hipster capital of the Pacific Northwest, you can sell your fiction books to Powell’s online. Just punch in the book’s ISBN (International Standard Book Number, usually found on the back cover near the bar code) and get an immediate quote. Powell pays for the shipping and gives you store credit or a PayPal deposit.

Sell Back Your Book. Powered by Ez Book Recycle, Sellbackyourbook.com are veterans in the book-selling business. They buy virtually any kind of book — except encyclopedia sets, books without ISBNs, teacher’s editions, and instructor edition textbooks. They also only buy one copy per title policy. They also offer free shipping and guarantee payment in three days of arrival.

What To Do With Old Textbooks in 2021

As a student, you will face several necessary evils every semester. One of them is the monstrous price of textbooks. Unfortunately, acquiring books is unavoidable. But knowing what to do with old textbooks can either help you earn money or support a future student or even both. The choice is yours!

You cannot avoid buying textbooks for each semester. But you do not have to be suffocated by mountain loads of books at the end of each year. There are a few things you can do with them. Fundamentally, you have three options to consider if you want to get rid of your old textbooks: sell, donate, or recycle.

This article will show you what to do with old textbooks exploring the three basic options. At the end of the article, you will know how to effectively utilize each of them.

Let’s get into it.

What To Do With Old Textbooks

Donate Your Old Textbooks

Perhaps the easiest route to take when you do not want your old textbooks is to donate them. When it comes to donations, you do not need to invest much time or money. And you can be confident, happy, and satisfied that you are helping out a fellow student get a better price than you did.

Donating your books may not get you any money, so we recommend that you donate the textbooks that are not expensive. You can then sell the books that took out much of your money. Of course, you do not have to do any of these if you do not care about the amount of money you spend on the books. Maybe helping out a fellow student is what matters most to you.

With that said, here are a few tips on what to do with old textbooks in terms of donation:

What to do with old textboks? Donate Your Books In A Local Area

When you donate your textbooks in a local area, you reduce any mailing shipping costs. It also helps the local town people get new resources such as your old textbooks. If you do not know any local place to donate your books, here are four areas to do so.


The first place to consider when donating your textbooks should be the local library. Libraries look a bit out of date in this day and age, but many people still use them, particularly in elderly or poverty-stricken communities. You can consider giving away your old textbooks at your local library to help your community. Most libraries usually accept lightly worn and used textbooks.

Thrift Stores.

If there are no libraries located near you, you can always try out thrift stores. It is also another place where you can donate your books and let your community get their hands on affordable resources to use. If you think about it, it is a win-win situation.

You also have the option to donate outside of your local area as well. The process may take a little more steps (plus small shipping fees), the reward of helping other students can be worth it.

Books To Prisoners.

If you are excited about sending books to prisoners in the United States, Books to Prisoners is the best option. Books to Prisoners is a non-profit organization that sends reading materials to prisoners who need books. If you want further information, you can check out their website at Bookstoprisoners.net.

Books For Africa.

Books for Africa is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide books to students in Africa who do not have access to reading materials. They have a simple mission to put an end to book deficiency in Africa.

They collect, sort, transport, and allocate various books to African students of all ages. If you want further information, you can check out their website at Booksforafrica.org.

Better World Books.

Another way to donate your books is through Better World Books. They are a non-profit organization that accepts old textbooks such as yours! Through donations, Better World Books raise money to enhance literacy, teach children, build schools, support families, and fill libraries. For further information on how they work, you can check out their official website at betterworldbooks.com.



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