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DingTea is a Coffeehouse in Los Angeles, CA

DingTea is a coffeehouse in Los Angeles, CA known for its new teas and another claim to fame refreshments. Our menu covers an assortment of beverages and flavors to meet everybody’s preferences and our famous group pleasers make certain to amuse even the pickiest of supporters. We utilize just the best teas and different fixings to handcraft each drink to request and we’re certain that you will have the option to differentiate directly from the principal taste.

At the point when you come to DingTea, there are numerous beverages to look over. You can appreciate a warm and encouraging matcha green tea latte, and invigorating natural product slush, an espresso with dense milk, a frosted enhanced tea, and substantially more- – with or without boba, otherwise called bubble tea. We additionally serve premium evaluation frozen yogurt in case you’re in the mind-set for a cold and smooth treat!

Come for the Art, Stay for the Taste


These days, a good cup of tea has lost its charm on most people. At Bontea, it is our primary mission and passion to bring a new and exciting approach to conventional tea choices. Our team is proud to offer uniquely crafted, all organic drink choices as well as the best desserts as a coffee and tea shop in Los Angeles.


Tea Yes, You Maybe.


Our friendly and comfortable environment will make it easy for you to spend quality time in our Cafe whether it be with your loved ones for conversation or with your computer for work. We make each and every drink with love and care to ensure there is a rich and delicious flavor in your cup. At Bontea, we want you to forget about the time. We want you to have an enjoyable experience. We have carefully chosen highly trained team members who know their Tea and cafe etiquette so you genuinely enjoy your time with us.


High-Quality Ingredients


At Bontea we care what you are eating and putting inside your bodies! Because your health and well-being is a priority for us, we get high-quality tea and coffee from all over the world and recreate our own tea traditions for you. We proudly serve the best Boba tea, Bubble tea, Matcha, and other special organic tea flavors in Los Angeles. We personally select the type of tea leaves, very carefully, and mix the tea with other ingredients giving each cup its own creative, unique, flavor, and taste. We believe that a single cup of tea, when made right, is capable of bringing new, creative, and big ideas to life!


Coffee and Tea shop in Los Angeles


As Bontea founders: We grew up in the Middle East and tea has particular importance to us. It is our mission to make people’s day one good cup of tea at a time while changing the opinions about tea with our new and unique choices. We have combined the traditions of Middle Eastern tea with the traditions of American tea creating truly unique recipes in our coffee and tea shop in Los Angeles that, as a team, we are proud of. We feel that by combining two different cultures and serving the best of the best, we can make a difference. Stop in, try our high-quality, all-organic menu choices, and say hello!


Source: https://bonteacafe.com/




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